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RLPA Rookie League
Available Coaches
Pitching CoachTomás Alvarado412 
Pitching CoachArinori Amano413 
Hitting CoachJesús Anaya485 
ManagerFrank Andrews420 
ManagerAntónio Arreola459 
ManagerWilliam Atkinson473 
ManagerJohn Baker467 
Pitching CoachJon Baker461 
Pitching CoachArthur Barlow403 
ManagerPierre-Alexandre Boileau461 
Hitting CoachBurton Bolden4911 
ManagerMark Breach431 
Team TrainerHarley Brown476 
Hitting CoachQuinn Brown410 
Hitting CoachJohn Bruce432 
Team TrainerJoe Bryant443 
Hitting CoachWayne Bullock454 
ManagerFrank Buschlen420 
ScoutLuis Carbajal417 
ManagerEdgardo Castillo4810 
ManagerMichael Chambers441 
Hitting CoachFai Che450 
ManagerJean-Gabriel Cloutier400 
ScoutDudley Connolly4913 
General ManagerVincent Corbett5418 
Pitching CoachPedro Cortés443 
Hitting CoachBill Crowley400 
ManagerCarlos Cruz431 
ManagerYu Darvish410 
ManagerPaul Davis421 
ManagerRobin Davis440 
Pitching CoachWilliam Davis496 
ManagerLawrence Donovan425 
General ManagerDavid Downs516 
ScoutGerald Espey435 
Pitching CoachErnest Fawcett424 
Hitting CoachLuis Flores441 
ManagerJohn Fontenot489 
Pitching CoachJesús Franco469 
Hitting CoachLúcio García487 
ManagerJorge González390 
ManagerScott Green411 
Hitting CoachRob Gross479 
Hitting CoachOrlando Guzmán499 
ManagerRick Hackwell420 
General ManagerWyatt Hamel462 
Hitting CoachKurt Heath413 
Hitting CoachAndy Hebert468 
Team TrainerGabriel Herrera414 
ManagerOliver Hill405 
ManagerCarlos Hinojosa430 
Hitting CoachDan Holmes463 
ManagerWarren Hooks454 
Pitching CoachChristos Houghton430 
Pitching CoachCampbell Hughes402 
General ManagerJeff Hunter5316 
Hitting CoachBobby Huntingford479 
Hitting CoachJosé Ibarra430 
ManagerDave Irving412 
ManagerTim Jackson4711 
ManagerBrett Kelley412 
General ManagerCasey King434 
Pitching CoachCurt Kirk465 
Team TrainerIchiyo Kouda484 
Pitching CoachManuel Lara4710 
ManagerLucien Larivičre400 
General ManagerPat Lewis401 
Pitching CoachMike Lloyd432 
ManagerJuan López413 
Pitching CoachNorberto López425 
ManagerJosé Lorenzo477 
ManagerCarl MacKey410 
General ManagerHenry Mallett420 
ManagerGerald Martin499 
Pitching CoachAlfonso Martínez443 
Team TrainerJorge Martínez420 
ManagerJorge Martínez4910 
Hitting CoachRussell Martin410 
ManagerDel Mason431 
ManagerJorge Mata421 
ManagerMark Maxwell420 
Hitting CoachJesús Mendoza496 
ManagerSalvador Menendez410 
Pitching CoachJoe Milligan410 
ManagerJimmy Mitchell455 
ScoutRobert Mullins454 
ManagerSean Murray390 
ManagerMike Navarro4712 
ManagerLorenzo Núńez424 
ManagerReilly Offredi498 
ManagerSalvador Olivares410 
ManagerMatt Ortíz478 
Hitting CoachMichael Parker484 
Hitting CoachBrennan Patterson4812 
Pitching CoachGerald Patterson447 
ManagerArturo Paz420 
Pitching CoachWalt Pearcey410 
ScoutEdward Pearson489 
ManagerLi Peng421 
General ManagerDiego Pérez5010 
General ManagerJosé Pérez413 
Team TrainerJuan Pérez453 
Pitching CoachRon Perranoski Jr.420 
Hitting CoachGreg Peterson497 
ScoutBrady Prichard432 
Pitching CoachMario Quesnel459 
ManagerMario Ramírez425 
Hitting CoachRoberto Ramos485 
ManagerCarlos Rangel451 
ScoutDan Reed401 
ManagerHenry Richards4612 
Hitting CoachFrédéric Rioux456 
Hitting CoachJoaquín Rivera4911 
ManagerNeil Roberts425 
Pitching CoachJesús Rodríguez410 
Hitting CoachJosé Rodríguez420 
ManagerFernando Román487 
ManagerPepe Romero463 
ManagerJúlio Rosas4811 
Pitching CoachRamón Rosa400 
ManagerMillard Ross488 
Pitching CoachJohn Russell412 
General ManagerEmílio Sánchez4912 
Pitching CoachJúlio Santa Cruz487 
Pitching CoachRay Sauve486 
Pitching CoachRodrige Serpa400 
Team TrainerBill Shaw479 
Hitting CoachYuan Si400 
ManagerAllen Smith431 
Pitching CoachGerardo Soto424 
ManagerAndré Soucy461 
ManagerHuston Street430 
Hitting CoachKevin Thompson420 
Pitching CoachJim Tomlinson476 
ManagerJosé Torres5624 
ManagerJúlio Torrez468 
ManagerChris Treitz450 
ManagerJúlio Trujillo415 
ManagerChris Turgeon442 
Hitting CoachCarlos Valancía475 
ManagerJuan Valentín400 
Hitting CoachEdgardo Villanueva426 
General ManagerFa-hsien Wang479 
ManagerGeorge White488 
ScoutGreg White474 
ScoutDave Williams444 
ManagerTy Williamson476 
Team TrainerWayne Woodward380 
ManagerPerry Workman420 
ManagerJavier Yánez400 
ManagerJae-hoon Yi394 
Pitching CoachCharlie Zimmerman400 

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 - OOTP Baseball 11.2.17