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Baltimore Orioles
1st place       80-82 (.494)       M# Clinched       Last 10: 4-6       R: 800       RA: 771       Payroll: $82,355,300
Team Leaders AVG
A. Loera.314
J. Timmins.303
K. Blanks.287
L. Brice.276
B. Ferreri.268
Team Leaders HR
K. Blanks42
L. Brice20
G. Grant17
C. Fleetwood16
2 tied with14
Team Leaders RBI
K. Blanks122
L. Brice88
G. Grant75
A. Loera74
J. Timmins71
Team Leaders W
A. Herzig17
A. Anaya13
E. Leon11
C. Kershaw9
L. Garduno8
Team Leaders ERA
C. Kershaw3.54
A. Herzig4.20
A. Anaya4.80
E. Leon4.97
Team Leaders K
A. Herzig271
E. Leon208
A. Anaya138
C. Kershaw110
L. Garduno108
Who's Hot?
PWilliam Williams1 SV, 1.69Last 8 games
Who's Not?
PAdam Herzig0-3, 8.51Last 5 games
1BNorris Hopper.154, 0 HRLast 9 games
Pitching Staff
StarterLClayton Kershaw25259803.541.27Rested
StarterRAdam Herzig3434171104.201.22Rested
StarterREdward Leon3434111204.971.55Rested
StarterRAaron Anaya3535131504.801.46Rested
StarterRLeo Garduno24248804.901.43Rested
Spot StarterRRoy Hill000000.000.00Rested
Middle RelieverLPaul McNulty5705404.761.38Rested
Middle RelieverRWilliam Williams2401312.401.07Rested
Middle RelieverRRoy Hill000000.000.00Rested
Setup RelieverRGeorge Sherrill50026173.021.22Rested
Setup RelieverRJacob Martin3403013.041.77Rested
CloserLChris Richard49046173.421.49Rested
11SAlvin LoeraC14545614314747850101.314.395.465
49RChristian FleetwoodC126404931658443586.230.308.401
93SKyle Blanks1B15855816042122905495.287.352.557
17RLarry Brice2B15761316920889448124.276.333.436
3LGeorge Grant3B15351813017756458100.251.338.402
21REric NeuSS19368146113.222.243.306
92LNorris Hopper1B1494481002424718133.223.248.281
94RTerry Therrien3B1515404413.267.294.267
81SAsdrubal CabreraSS731393711519831.266.304.309
18RPaul SantamariaSS70000000.000.000.000
54LJohnathon TimminsLF1465191571371734087.303.374.414
34LAlejandro CanoCF113360971047475181.269.358.406
59LAdrian BorregoRF8520759524262053.285.357.391
55SNoble LongRF69400420.444.545.778
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1LNorris HopperCF.22324233
2LJohnathon TimminsLF.303137115
3SAlvin LoeraC.31414741
4SKyle BlanksDH.287421222
5LGeorge Grant3B.25117751
6RLarry Brice2B.276208835
7LAlejandro Cano1B.26910477
8LAdrian BorregoRF.2855242
9REric NeuSS.222141
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LNorris HopperCF.22324233
2LJohnathon TimminsRF.303137115
3RLarry Brice2B.276208835
4SAlvin LoeraC.31414741
5SKyle BlanksDH.287421222
6LAlejandro CanoLF.26910477
7LGeorge Grant1B.25117751
8SAsdrubal Cabrera3B.26611511
9REric NeuSS.222141
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Baltimore Orioles8082.494-
Boston Red Sox7389.4517.0
Toronto Blue Jays60102.37020.0
New York (A) Yankees55107.34025.0
Team Information
Record overall80-82, .494 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home44-37, .543 PCT
Record on the road36-45, .444 PCT
Record in X-inning games9-8, .529 PCT
Record in one-run games28-30, .483 PCT
Record versus LHP21-25, .457 PCT
Record versus RHP59-57, .509 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April10-16, .385 PCT
Record in May14-15, .483 PCT
Record in June12-15, .444 PCT
Record in July15-11, .577 PCT
Record in August16-13, .552 PCT
Record in September13-12, .520 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.268 - 6th in AL
On-Base Percentage.334 - 6th in AL
Slugging Percentage.411 - 6th in AL
On-Base + Slugging.744 - 6th in AL
Runs Scored800 - 5th in AL
Hits1499 - 8th in AL
Extra-Base Hits426 - 10th in AL
Home Runs174 - 5th in AL
Bases-On-Balls474 - 9th in AL
Strikeouts1241 - 11th in AL
Stolen Bases153 - 4th in AL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.41 - 5th in AL
Starters' ERA4.65 - 5th in AL
Bullpen ERA3.98 - 2nd in AL
Runs allowed771 - 5th in AL
Hits allowed1529 - 6th in AL
Opponents AVG.271 - 6th in AL
BABIP.320 - 7th in AL
Home Runs allowed175 - 9th in AL
Bases-On-Balls506 - 4th in AL
Strikeouts1241 - 4th in AL
Minor League System
Las Vegas Orioles (AAA)
68-62, .523, 9 GB
London Orioles (AA)
56-64, .467, 23 GB
Aberdeen Orioles (A)
61-59, .508, 9 GB
Amity Orioles (S A)
26-36, .419, 4 GB

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