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Philadelphia Phillies
1st place       90-72 (.556)       M# Clinched       Last 10: 7-3       R: 887       RA: 796       Payroll: $57,735,600
Team Leaders AVG
C. Santana.309
C. Heuser.308
M. Herrero Jr..290
W. Palmer.289
J. Trevino.288
Team Leaders HR
T. Hernandez28
W. Palmer27
C. Santana25
R. Ransdell22
J. Trevino22
Team Leaders RBI
M. Herrero Jr.97
W. Palmer96
C. Santana94
C. Heuser89
T. Hernandez83
Team Leaders W
T. Nakayama23
J. McDonald18
L. Polson13
J. Blevins10
K. Kendrick9
Team Leaders ERA
T. Nakayama1.96
J. Blevins3.96
K. Kendrick4.46
J. McDonald4.89
Team Leaders K
T. Nakayama319
J. McDonald248
K. Kendrick225
J. Blevins177
L. Polson87
Who's Hot?
PTagashashi Nakayama3-2, 1.95Last 6 games
RFRobert Ransdell.472, 4 HRLast 8 games
Who's Not?
PKyle Kendrick1-2, 14.29Last 3 games
PLaurence Polson1-1, 9.77Last 16 games
PFred Allbright0-4, 9.16Last 22 games
LFBrett Lawrie.087, 1 HRLast 13 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRTagashashi Nakayama434323901.961.00Rested
StarterLJerry Blevins252510803.961.15Rested
StarterRJames McDonald4141181004.891.46Rested
StarterRKyle Kendrick343491204.461.38Rested
Spot StarterLJoel Rivera38145604.441.51Rested
MopupLFred Allbright3031519.441.95Rested
Middle RelieverRJason Long4600116.361.80Rested
Middle RelieverRLaurence Polson71013425.871.59Rested
Middle RelieverLBen Sanchez5903314.331.26Rested
Middle RelieverLJoel Rivera38145604.441.51Rested
Setup RelieverRChris Milliner63017155.741.62Rested
Setup RelieverRLee Sharrow7325183.071.44Rested
CloserRClemente Manzella41026165.621.78Rested
56SWilliam Palmer2B1535151492796814352.289.350.511
13LJames Trevino1B1525211502277824791.288.351.484
8RColin Heuser3B15960118515891028084.308.392.464
36RBrett LawrieLF12722458831332049.259.324.420
46RRobert RansdellRF15963116022799574105.254.342.423
52STony HernandezCF1464361282883825291.294.366.541
61LDave RomeroRF9115837117211423.234.299.329
4RElder RochaLF999721215241020.216.300.340
96LJacobo ChavezLF115244671547412463.275.337.525
Lineup vs RHP
2LJames Trevino1B.28822771
3RRobert RansdellLF.25422795
5SWilliam PalmerCF.28927963
6STony HernandezRF.29428833
7RColin Heuser3B.30815894
Lineup vs LHP
2RBrett LawrieCF.2598315
3RColin Heuser3B.30815894
4RRobert RansdellLF.25422795
5STony HernandezRF.29428833
7SWilliam Palmer2B.28927963
8RElder Rocha1B.2162156
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Philadelphia Phillies9072.556-
Montreal Expos7983.48811.0
New York (N) Mets7785.47513.0
Atlanta Braves61101.37729.0
Team Information
Record overall90-72, .556 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home47-34, .580 PCT
Record on the road43-38, .531 PCT
Record in X-inning games4-10, .286 PCT
Record in one-run games25-22, .532 PCT
Record versus LHP23-12, .657 PCT
Record versus RHP67-60, .528 PCT
Record last 10 games7-3, .700 PCT
Record in April15-12, .556 PCT
Record in May16-12, .571 PCT
Record in June19-8, .704 PCT
Record in July14-12, .538 PCT
Record in August14-12, .538 PCT
Record in September12-16, .429 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.269 - 9th in NL
On-Base Percentage.340 - 4th in NL
Slugging Percentage.442 - 5th in NL
On-Base + Slugging.782 - 4th in NL
Runs Scored887 - 3rd in NL
Hits1523 - 9th in NL
Extra-Base Hits549 - 3rd in NL
Home Runs196 - 4th in NL
Bases-On-Balls586 - 2nd in NL
Strikeouts1071 - 1st in NL
Stolen Bases86 - 10th in NL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.30 - 5th in NL
Starters' ERA3.88 - 3rd in NL
Bullpen ERA5.49 - 13th in NL
Runs allowed796 - 9th in NL
Hits allowed1542 - 9th in NL
Opponents AVG.272 - 9th in NL
BABIP.333 - 11th in NL
Home Runs allowed185 - 8th in NL
Bases-On-Balls447 - 5th in NL
Strikeouts1409 - 1st in NL
Minor League System
Lehigh Valley Phillies (AAA)
52-78, .400, 21 GB
Reading Phillies (AA)
47-73, .392, 16 GB
Lakewood Phillies (A)
39-81, .325, 32 GB
Williamsport Phillies (S A)
24-38, .387, 14 GB

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