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Colorado Rockies
1st place       105-57 (.648)       M# Clinched       Last 10: 5-5       R: 984       RA: 761       Payroll: $68,561,100
Team Leaders AVG
L. Rios.358
C. Gillaspie.334
J. Morales.310
F. Delis.272
J. Decker.260
Team Leaders HR
L. Rios52
F. Delis36
C. Gillaspie35
J. Decker29
B. Barton23
Team Leaders RBI
L. Rios163
F. Delis115
C. Gillaspie103
J. Decker94
B. Barton79
Team Leaders W
A. Sonnanstine18
E. Ramirez17
L. Lott14
A. Alvardo13
S. Lipetz9
Team Leaders ERA
A. Sonnanstine2.52
E. Ramirez3.79
S. Lipetz4.57
L. Lott5.41
Team Leaders K
L. Lott194
S. Lipetz185
A. Sonnanstine185
E. Ramirez180
A. Alvardo95
Who's Hot?
2BConor Gillaspie.413, 6 HRLast 13 games
PCelso Salazar12 SV, 1.93Last 18 games
PAndrew Cashner1 SV, 1.96Last 35 games
PBaldo Velez1 SV, 1.06Last 19 games
Who's Not?
2BThomas Bozek.083, 0 HRLast 19 games
CJose Morales.077, 0 HRLast 6 games
Pitching Staff
StarterREdwar Ramirez333317503.791.17Rested
StarterRAndrew Sonnanstine343418602.521.20Rested
StarterRShlomo Lipetz32329504.571.49Rested
StarterRLloyd Lott323214605.411.61Rested
Spot StarterLAlex Alvardo451213113.361.15Rested
MopupRLloyd Lott323214605.411.61Rested
Middle RelieverRAndrew Cashner4904112.931.40Rested
Middle RelieverRJack Harris6506636.651.55Rested
Setup RelieverRMarcelo Villegas7905123.351.15Rested
Setup RelieverRBaldo Velez5701333.051.53Rested
CloserRCelso Salazar730212414.421.40Rested
36RDaniel NobleC10017940119132052.223.307.296
91RJose MoralesC1404931531877823469.310.352.483
49LConor Gillaspie2B15358019435103126105112.334.440.569
8LGeorge Tillman1B1184371271957653652.291.345.446
3RThomas Bozek2B5077100118322.130.173.130
71RLuciano VillalonSS11930886734481481.279.311.422
14SFelix Delis1B149526143361157763124.272.359.508
27RBrian Barton3B12743411023795835103.253.314.459
70RJaff DeckerCF15753413929947137121.260.311.468
48RLuis RiosLF1596112195216313510996.358.454.686
29RNate SchierholtzCF1243961291455823789.326.391.533
28LDustin AckleyCF853351292056865292.385.469.624
Lineup vs RHP
1RJaff DeckerCF.260299410
2RJose MoralesC.31018770
3LDustin AckleyRF.385205623
4RLuis RiosLF.358521632
5SFelix Delis1B.272361150
6RBrian Barton2B.25323791
7RLuciano VillalonSS.27973412
Lineup vs LHP
1LDustin AckleyRF.385205623
2RLuciano VillalonSS.27973412
3RLuis RiosLF.358521632
4RJaff DeckerCF.260299410
5RBrian Barton3B.25323791
6SFelix Delis1B.272361150
7RJose MoralesC.31018770
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
2B Alex Morgantorn rotator cuff2-3 weeks15 day(s) left (60-day DL)
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Financial ReportMinor League System
Colorado Rockies10557.648-
San Diego Padres7785.47528.0
Arizona Diamondbacks7389.45132.0
San Francisco Giants61101.37744.0
Los Angeles Dodgers51111.31554.0
Team Information
Record overall105-57, .648 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home54-27, .667 PCT
Record on the road51-30, .630 PCT
Record in X-inning games11-16, .407 PCT
Record in one-run games31-22, .585 PCT
Record versus LHP24-17, .585 PCT
Record versus RHP81-40, .669 PCT
Record last 10 games5-5, .500 PCT
Record in April16-11, .593 PCT
Record in May17-11, .607 PCT
Record in June17-10, .630 PCT
Record in July16-10, .615 PCT
Record in August20-8, .714 PCT
Record in September19-7, .731 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.287 - 2nd in NL
On-Base Percentage.356 - 2nd in NL
Slugging Percentage.480 - 2nd in NL
On-Base + Slugging.836 - 2nd in NL
Runs Scored984 - 2nd in NL
Hits1675 - 2nd in NL
Extra-Base Hits553 - 2nd in NL
Home Runs275 - 1st in NL
Bases-On-Balls604 - 1st in NL
Strikeouts1262 - 10th in NL
Stolen Bases116 - 7th in NL
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.09 - 4th in NL
Starters' ERA4.21 - 5th in NL
Bullpen ERA4.03 - 3rd in NL
Runs allowed761 - 4th in NL
Hits allowed1569 - 10th in NL
Opponents AVG.268 - 6th in NL
BABIP.327 - 9th in NL
Home Runs allowed146 - 2nd in NL
Bases-On-Balls492 - 7th in NL
Strikeouts1356 - 2nd in NL
Minor League System
Classic Rockies (AAA)
74-56, .569, - GB
New Wave Rockies (AA)
52-68, .433, 29 GB
Watertown Rockies (A)
64-56, .533, 7 GB
Burlington Rockies (S A)
24-38, .387, 6 GB

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