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West Tennessee Mariners (AA)
3rd place       61-59 (.508)       M# -       Last 10: 5-5       R: 612       RA: 555       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
P. Stanton.303
M. Hall.285
R. Tomas.281
O. Godby.267
J. Chute Jr..255
Team Leaders HR
M. Hall15
O. Godby9
R. Tomas8
W. Lewis7
2 tied with6
Team Leaders RBI
O. Godby78
J. Chute Jr.63
R. Tomas57
M. Hall55
M. Perry52
Team Leaders W
A. Morabito11
C. Hunley9
A. Lera7
N. Brown6
R. Trinkle4
Team Leaders ERA
C. Hunley4.16
A. Morabito4.40
A. Lera5.17
Team Leaders K
C. Hunley178
A. Morabito97
S. Kobayashi88
N. Brown84
A. Lera74
Who's Hot?
LFSonny Pacheco.381, 0 HRLast 7 games
LFMarcus Hall.414, 3 HRLast 7 games
Who's Not?
PAvelino Lera1-3, 8.08Last 8 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRChuck Hunley26269704.161.43Rested
StarterLAvelino Lera24247805.171.43Rested
StarterRArmand Morabito2525111004.401.36Rested
MopupRMitogorou Eizo2102024.891.23Rested
Middle RelieverRPedro Fernandez2503022.511.27Rested
Middle RelieverRFrancis Iglesias1200015.282.15Out
99RCraig YocomC10534476350445352.221.326.328
40SMatthew Perry3B116417106652594880.254.331.362
22RRicardo Tomas2B116395111857538880.281.411.441
7LBryan Lo2B9212929220191923.225.338.318
11RJohnny Chute Jr.2B120463118563606482.255.346.365
92RSonny PachecoLF10524476134285145.311.427.418
8RMarcus HallLF1124521291555837259.285.386.462
61ROscar MedeirosLF71223162724.136.200.318
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RMarcus HallLF.28515555
4RJohnny Chute Jr.1B.2555630
5RRicardo Tomas2B.2818570
7SMatthew Perry3B.25465210
8RCraig YocomC.2213500
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1RMarcus HallLF.28515555
4RJohnny Chute Jr.1B.2555630
5RRicardo Tomas2B.2818570
7SMatthew Perry3B.25465210
8RCraig YocomC.2213500
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
P Francis Iglesiasfractured elbow2-3 monthsNot on DL
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PersonnelFielding Stats
ScheduleSeattle Mariners
Division 1WLPCTGB
Corpus Christi Astros7941.658-
Midland Athletics6654.55013.0
West Tennessee Mariners6159.50818.0
London Orioles5664.46723.0
Team Information
Record overall61-59, .508 PCT
Position in Division3rd, 18 GB
Record at home35-25, .583 PCT
Record on the road26-34, .433 PCT
Record in X-inning games4-8, .333 PCT
Record in one-run games14-23, .378 PCT
Record versus LHP22-25, .468 PCT
Record versus RHP39-34, .534 PCT
Record last 10 games5-5, .500 PCT
Record in April14-14, .500 PCT
Record in May15-14, .517 PCT
Record in June12-13, .480 PCT
Record in July15-14, .517 PCT
Record in August5-4, .556 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.263 - 4th in AA1
On-Base Percentage.362 - 2nd in AA1
Slugging Percentage.378 - 4th in AA1
On-Base + Slugging.740 - 3rd in AA1
Runs Scored612 - 3rd in AA1
Hits1075 - 6th in AA1
Extra-Base Hits308 - 4th in AA1
Home Runs68 - 5th in AA1
Bases-On-Balls633 - 1st in AA1
Strikeouts699 - 1st in AA1
Stolen Bases53 - 9th in AA1
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.20 - 10th in AA1
Starters' ERA4.35 - 11th in AA1
Bullpen ERA3.81 - 6th in AA1
Runs allowed555 - 10th in AA1
Hits allowed1113 - 11th in AA1
Opponents AVG.268 - 11th in AA1
BABIP.322 - 11th in AA1
Home Runs allowed76 - 10th in AA1
Bases-On-Balls316 - 2nd in AA1
Strikeouts864 - 4th in AA1

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