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Altoona Pirates (AA)
3rd place       59-61 (.492)       M# -       Last 10: 4-6       R: 461       RA: 448       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
T. Roofe.278
T. Carson.267
R. Herrera.250
G. Jones.249
M. Criado.225
Team Leaders HR
3 tied with 8
I. Burlingame8
R. Herrera8
T. Roofe8
M. Criado6
Team Leaders RBI
R. Herrera60
M. Criado56
T. Roofe44
A. Marcano41
S. Lilly35
Team Leaders W
M. Lininger13
A. Alemán10
W. Varela10
J. Rehm9
Z. McMillian7
Team Leaders ERA
W. Varela2.09
A. Alemán2.76
J. Rehm3.14
M. Lininger3.48
Team Leaders K
W. Varela185
J. Rehm165
M. Lininger102
A. Alemán81
J. Moya54
Pitching Staff
StarterRWilson Varela252310712.091.00Rested
StarterRJustin Rehm26269803.141.23Rested
StarterLMichael Lininger262613803.481.28Rested
StarterLAntónio Alemán212110702.761.14Rested
Spot StarterRTim Briggs1250404.961.65Rested
MopupLRobert Tunney921013.211.34Rested
MopupRSeth Matthews721105.601.98Rested
Middle RelieverRJames Summerall1101001.891.63Rested
Middle RelieverRDaniel Horn3104323.670.96Rested
Middle RelieverRAntonio Morales1900001.411.28Rested
Middle RelieverRTim Briggs1250404.961.65Rested
Setup RelieverLBenny Marciano2300414.711.29Rested
Setup RelieverRZak McMillian3207320.620.81Rested
CloserRWilliam Kessler45018283.521.15Rested
99RRene HerreraC104412103860454193.250.315.398
53RIrving Burlingame1B11939780833469734.202.370.312
29RGeoffrey JonesSS9737794432423484.249.312.332
11RTravis Roofe3B91378105844452578.278.331.376
54SAntonio MarcanoCF11844296441597457.217.328.333
9LTom CarsonCF8432988426464381.267.356.365
48RMariano CriadoRF1204491016565258118.225.317.318
19LSean LillyCF7327977235302865.276.343.369
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RTravis Roofe2B.27884433
2LSean LillyLF.27623517
3LTom CarsonCF.26742632
4RRene HerreraC.2508604
5RMariano CriadoDH.22565611
6RIrving Burlingame1B.2028330
7SAntonio MarcanoRF.21744110
8RGeoffrey JonesSS.24943228
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LTom CarsonCF.26742632
2RGeoffrey JonesSS.24943228
3RRene HerreraC.2508604
4RIrving Burlingame1B.2028330
5RMariano CriadoDH.22565611
6RTravis Roofe2B.27884433
7SAntonio MarcanoRF.21744110
8LSean LillyLF.27623517
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SchedulePittsburgh Pirates
Division 2WLPCTGB
Erie Tigers6852.567-
Tennessee Cubs6159.5087.0
Altoona Pirates5961.4929.0
New Hampshire Blue Jays5268.43316.0
Team Information
Record overall59-61, .492 PCT
Position in Division3rd, 9 GB
Record at home32-28, .533 PCT
Record on the road27-33, .450 PCT
Record in X-inning games3-11, .214 PCT
Record in one-run games20-22, .476 PCT
Record versus LHP21-24, .467 PCT
Record versus RHP38-37, .507 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April13-15, .464 PCT
Record in May14-15, .483 PCT
Record in June13-12, .520 PCT
Record in July15-14, .517 PCT
Record in August4-5, .444 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.236 - 9th in AA1
On-Base Percentage.317 - 6th in AA1
Slugging Percentage.329 - 10th in AA1
On-Base + Slugging.647 - 8th in AA1
Runs Scored461 - 9th in AA1
Hits970 - 9th in AA1
Extra-Base Hits248 - 11th in AA1
Home Runs53 - 7th in AA1
Bases-On-Balls477 - 4th in AA1
Strikeouts832 - 7th in AA1
Stolen Bases153 - 4th in AA1
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.15 - 1st in AA1
Starters' ERA3.15 - 3rd in AA1
Bullpen ERA3.16 - 4th in AA1
Runs allowed448 - 1st in AA1
Hits allowed965 - 1st in AA1
Opponents AVG.235 - 1st in AA1
BABIP.285 - 4th in AA1
Home Runs allowed50 - 2nd in AA1
Bases-On-Balls374 - 4th in AA1
Strikeouts850 - 5th in AA1

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