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Birmingham White Sox (AA)
2nd place       66-55 (.545)       M# -       Last 10: 6-4       R: 562       RA: 500       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
H. MacKinney.318
A. Raymond.309
E. Chaidez.295
R. Campbell.287
H. Nakagawa.274
Team Leaders HR
A. Raymond15
F. Orellana13
H. Nakagawa10
F. Areytio9
E. Chaidez9
Team Leaders RBI
H. MacKinney79
H. Nakagawa68
E. Chaidez57
F. Orellana50
A. Raymond49
Team Leaders W
G. Krom15
B. Sears13
R. Blevins11
J. Cisneros8
J. Durant5
Team Leaders ERA
G. Krom3.18
B. Sears3.76
R. Blevins3.88
Team Leaders K
G. Krom158
B. Sears133
R. Blevins108
P. Tucker49
J. Durant42
Who's Hot?
PJimmy Durant13 SV, 0.84Last 18 games
Who's Not?
CFThomas Eberly.091, 0 HRLast 14 games
CFDario Torres.095, 0 HRLast 8 games
Pitching Staff
StarterLGeorge Krom3131151003.181.00Rested
StarterRCisco Quezada774203.280.99Rested
StarterRBill Sears3030131103.761.21Rested
StarterRRobert Blevins2929111103.881.32Rested
StarterRJoshua Cisneros19198704.811.58Rested
Spot StarterLMartin Wold3853515.321.55Rested
Middle RelieverRSabas Castillo3602022.271.32Rested
Middle RelieverRJose Lamas2601513.441.41Rested
Middle RelieverLMartin Wold3853515.321.55Rested
Setup RelieverRPaul Tucker4604231.220.92Rested
Setup RelieverRJames Pankey2200143.621.50Rested
CloserRJimmy Durant45051323.131.15Rested
23RAlexander DavisSS117466120141603977.258.324.322
5RRyan Campbell2B104349100640583467.287.358.395
24RHenry MacKinneySS113456145679593869.318.367.458
91SFrank NielsenSS48102261109420.255.290.353
29RJose Pascua1B66741811310516.243.291.365
30RFrancisco Orellana1B1174181041350442594.249.296.380
58RChris Schultz2B121403104344461699.258.286.372
2SFernando AreytioCF10131379944451151.252.274.435
53RThomas EberlyCF531132601213917.230.278.283
33LJames TrottCF2411403402.364.385.636
29LDario TorresCF6313622112221013.162.230.257
28LHoshi NakagawaRF1164271171068724498.274.342.475
15LAntony RaymondRF1124861501549772693.309.342.488
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1LAntony RaymondRF.309154952
2RAlexander Davis3B.25814111
3RHenry MacKinneySS.31867927
4LHoshi NakagawaLF.274106836
5RFrancisco OrellanaDH.24913500
6RRyan Campbell2B.28764040
8RChris Schultz1B.25834413
9LDario TorresCF.1621125
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LAntony RaymondRF.309154952
2RChris Schultz1B.25834413
3RHenry MacKinneySS.31867927
4RFrancisco OrellanaDH.24913500
5RAlexander Davis3B.25814111
6RRyan Campbell2B.28764040
7LHoshi NakagawaLF.274106836
9LDario TorresCF.1621125
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ScheduleChicago (A) White Sox
Division 1WLPCTGB
North Providence Padres6754.554-
Birmingham White Sox6655.5451.0
Harrisburg Expos6357.5253.5
Portland Red Sox4872.40018.5
Team Information
Record overall66-55, .545 PCT
Position in Division2nd, 1 GB
Record at home32-29, .525 PCT
Record on the road34-26, .567 PCT
Record in X-inning games7-3, .700 PCT
Record in one-run games21-17, .553 PCT
Record versus LHP6-10, .375 PCT
Record versus RHP60-45, .571 PCT
Record last 10 games6-4, .600 PCT
Record in April13-15, .464 PCT
Record in May16-13, .552 PCT
Record in June15-10, .600 PCT
Record in July16-13, .552 PCT
Record in August6-4, .600 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.272 - 4th in AA2
On-Base Percentage.323 - 8th in AA2
Slugging Percentage.403 - 4th in AA2
On-Base + Slugging.725 - 4th in AA2
Runs Scored562 - 4th in AA2
Hits1139 - 4th in AA2
Extra-Base Hits350 - 3rd in AA2
Home Runs75 - 6th in AA2
Bases-On-Balls309 - 12th in AA2
Strikeouts772 - 7th in AA2
Stolen Bases199 - 1st in AA2
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.54 - 2nd in AA2
Starters' ERA3.57 - 2nd in AA2
Bullpen ERA3.12 - 4th in AA2
Runs allowed500 - 4th in AA2
Hits allowed1034 - 5th in AA2
Opponents AVG.248 - 5th in AA2
BABIP.282 - 1st in AA2
Home Runs allowed66 - tied for 3rd in AA2
Bases-On-Balls310 - 2nd in AA2
Strikeouts665 - 11th in AA2

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