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Portland Red Sox (AA)
4th place       48-72 (.400)       M# -       Last 10: 4-6       R: 526       RA: 634       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
L. Sharrow.298
J. Negrón.281
R. Grajeda.273
D. Scarbrough.252
W. Hepner.246
Team Leaders HR
W. Hepner16
R. Grajeda14
D. Scarbrough12
L. Fujiwara10
J. Negrón10
Team Leaders RBI
J. Negrón70
R. Grajeda61
W. Hepner61
D. Scarbrough58
J. Fradera37
Team Leaders W
M. Jones13
W. Frazier8
T. Guimond6
A. Hinds6
D. Robichaux5
Team Leaders ERA
M. Jones2.25
M. Jarvis Jr.4.55
T. Guimond4.68
D. Robichaux5.52
Team Leaders K
M. Jones191
M. Jarvis Jr.93
W. Frazier83
A. Hinds72
2 tied with69
Who's Hot?
PMillard Jones3-0, 1.05Last 4 games
PWayne Frazier3-0, 1.06Last 9 games
LFJuan Caceres.500, 1 HRLast 8 games
Who's Not?
PJeremy Bleich0-3, 17.00Last 3 games
PDean Robichaux0-4, 11.22Last 4 games
PCristobal Iradier1-1, 8.20Last 18 games
SSClaude Lucey.100, 0 HRLast 14 games
RFGeorge McGuire.136, 0 HRLast 31 games
1BLuis Fujiwara.043, 0 HRLast 8 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRMillard Jones222213602.251.00Rested
StarterRMike Jarvis Jr.212021204.551.51Rested
StarterLJeremy Bleich242431709.252.10Rested
StarterRTimothy Guimond232361204.681.60Rested
StarterRDean Robichaux232351005.521.70Rested
Middle RelieverLAnthony Corbett3401004.921.82Rested
Middle RelieverRAdrian Hinds4816204.411.56Rested
Middle RelieverLCristobal Iradier2531217.992.15Rested
Setup RelieverLWayne Frazier4908233.551.24Rested
Setup RelieverRRogelio Longoria4043412.971.35Rested
CloserRKenny Jordan40005224.021.55Rested
41RRudolph GrajedaC993881061461453251.273.330.433
91STimothy RehmC651554532619632.290.327.400
11RFrancisco Ruíz2B5220558014211131.283.324.322
16RClaude LuceySS9728763321291061.220.252.307
9LJon Patterson2B11027874930321665.266.305.421
34RLuis Fujiwara1B91260601031372866.231.316.412
9LJoaquín Negrón3B11644112410705543102.281.342.381
40LLenard SharrowCF106457136027742559.298.337.385
28RGeorge McGuireRF6475120717515.160.207.227
3LDavid ScarbroughLF112393991258639168.252.387.399
59LJuan CaceresLF9020862219271739.298.359.418
55SJoel FraderaLF10030086437393860.287.367.383
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1LLenard SharrowCF.29802736
2RFrancisco Ruíz2B.2830148
3LDavid ScarbroughRF.25212582
4RRudolph GrajedaC.27314610
5LJoaquín Negrón3B.28110707
7LJon PattersonSS.2669300
8RLuis Fujiwara1B.23110310
9SJoel FraderaLF.2874370
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1LLenard SharrowCF.29802736
2RFrancisco Ruíz2B.2830148
3RLuis Fujiwara1B.23110310
4LDavid ScarbroughRF.25212582
5RRudolph GrajedaC.27314610
7LJoaquín Negrón3B.28110707
8LJon PattersonSS.2669300
9SJoel FraderaLF.2874370
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
2B Francisco Ruízbruised wrist3-4 monthsNot on DL
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ScheduleBoston Red Sox
Division 1WLPCTGB
North Providence Padres6754.554-
Birmingham White Sox6655.5451.0
Harrisburg Expos6357.5253.5
Portland Red Sox4872.40018.5
Team Information
Record overall48-72, .400 PCT
Position in Division4th, 18½ GB
Record at home27-33, .450 PCT
Record on the road21-39, .350 PCT
Record in X-inning games4-4, .500 PCT
Record in one-run games9-24, .273 PCT
Record versus LHP8-12, .400 PCT
Record versus RHP40-60, .400 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April9-19, .321 PCT
Record in May13-16, .448 PCT
Record in June9-16, .360 PCT
Record in July13-16, .448 PCT
Record in August4-5, .444 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.263 - 6th in AA2
On-Base Percentage.332 - 4th in AA2
Slugging Percentage.387 - 5th in AA2
On-Base + Slugging.719 - 5th in AA2
Runs Scored526 - tied for 6th in AA2
Hits1088 - tied for 7th in AA2
Extra-Base Hits312 - tied for 7th in AA2
Home Runs89 - 4th in AA2
Bases-On-Balls410 - tied for 4th in AA2
Strikeouts741 - 4th in AA2
Stolen Bases56 - tied for 12th in AA2
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.79 - 14th in AA2
Starters' ERA5.06 - 14th in AA2
Bullpen ERA4.28 - 10th in AA2
Runs allowed634 - 14th in AA2
Hits allowed1160 - 12th in AA2
Opponents AVG.276 - 12th in AA2
BABIP.325 - 13th in AA2
Home Runs allowed75 - tied for 10th in AA2
Bases-On-Balls487 - 14th in AA2
Strikeouts787 - 9th in AA2

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