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Frisco Rangers (AA)
1st place       81-39 (.675)       M# Clinched       Last 10: 6-4       R: 600       RA: 470       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
F. Dickens.303
A. Edmonds.292
G. González.289
H. Cadena.274
J. Vázquez.260
Team Leaders HR
2 tied with 13
A. Edmonds13
T. Moreno13
E. Young Jr.11
G. González9
Team Leaders RBI
F. Dickens69
J. Vázquez57
A. Edmonds54
E. Young Jr.51
H. Cadena50
Team Leaders W
G. Pursel14
B. Perry11
S. Bolinger8
A. Colome8
2 tied with7
Team Leaders ERA
G. Pursel2.66
B. Perry3.72
Team Leaders K
G. Pursel132
B. Perry129
A. Colome106
S. Bolinger82
C. Garcia68
Who's Hot?
Who's Not?
2BJohn Tallant.037, 0 HRLast 26 games
Pitching Staff
StarterRAlexander Colome13138202.991.16Rested
StarterRJared Morrison220001.931.07Rested
StarterLBennie Perry242411803.721.13Rested
StarterRJavier Ortíz883203.151.10Rested
StarterRRobert Hirth12125203.441.15Rested
Spot StarterLJohn Curry3807103.601.16Rested
Middle RelieverLJohn Curry3807103.601.16Rested
Middle RelieverRSteve Bolinger23168614.471.35Rested
Middle RelieverRAurelio Martinez2500135.591.48Rested
Setup RelieverLAllan Jones41044282.581.37Rested
Setup RelieverLRichard Bodie4907143.111.38Rested
CloserLScott Neal000000.000.00Rested
47RJulián VázquezC103400104857523951.260.327.375
33RSydney TomblinC00000000.000.000.000
9RJoe AumanC751263132314718.246.292.381
57LCosme Berenguer1B00000000.000.000.000
33RAbel Taylor2B00000000.000.000.000
38SEarl Gorman3B00000000.000.000.000
58SJohn Tallant2B631061606111325.151.240.179
51RDonald Kearns1B00000000.000.000.000
10RLester FaulknerSS00000000.000.000.000
29LCorey BrownLF00000000.000.000.000
1LBud SchneiderRF00000000.000.000.000
10REdgar MoralesRF00000000.000.000.000
45RGabriel GonzálezRF116357103943422176.289.337.468
54LRobert WagnerRF5626815514.308.333.538
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1SJohn Tallant2B.151068
2RJulián VázquezC.2608572
3LCorey BrownDH.000000
4REdgar MoralesRF.000000
5LCosme Berenguer3B.000000
6LBud SchneiderCF.000000
7RGabriel GonzálezLF.2899435
8RDonald Kearns1B.000000
9RLester FaulknerSS.000000
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1SJohn Tallant2B.151068
2RDonald Kearns1B.000000
3RJulián VázquezC.2608572
4REdgar MoralesRF.000000
5LCorey BrownDH.000000
6RGabriel GonzálezLF.2899435
7RLester FaulknerSS.000000
8LBud SchneiderCF.000000
9LCosme Berenguer3B.000000
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ScheduleTexas Rangers
Division 2WLPCTGB
Frisco Rangers8139.675-
Chattanooga Dodgers6456.53317.0
Mississippi Braves6357.52518.0
Springfield Cardinals5961.49222.0
New Wave Rockies5268.43329.0
Team Information
Record overall81-39, .675 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home42-18, .700 PCT
Record on the road39-21, .650 PCT
Record in X-inning games9-4, .692 PCT
Record in one-run games28-9, .757 PCT
Record versus LHP12-6, .667 PCT
Record versus RHP69-33, .676 PCT
Record last 10 games6-4, .600 PCT
Record in April19-9, .679 PCT
Record in May19-10, .655 PCT
Record in June18-7, .720 PCT
Record in July19-10, .655 PCT
Record in August6-3, .667 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.278 - 2nd in AA2
On-Base Percentage.349 - 2nd in AA2
Slugging Percentage.412 - 2nd in AA2
On-Base + Slugging.762 - 2nd in AA2
Runs Scored600 - 3rd in AA2
Hits1166 - 2nd in AA2
Extra-Base Hits340 - 4th in AA2
Home Runs92 - tied for 2nd in AA2
Bases-On-Balls446 - 1st in AA2
Strikeouts736 - 3rd in AA2
Stolen Bases181 - 3rd in AA2
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average3.62 - 4th in AA2
Starters' ERA3.70 - 4th in AA2
Bullpen ERA3.53 - 6th in AA2
Runs allowed470 - 1st in AA2
Hits allowed988 - 2nd in AA2
Opponents AVG.240 - 2nd in AA2
BABIP.292 - 4th in AA2
Home Runs allowed73 - tied for 8th in AA2
Bases-On-Balls354 - 9th in AA2
Strikeouts913 - 2nd in AA2

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