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Attleboro Padres (A)
1st place       71-49 (.592)       M# Clinched       Last 10: 3-7       R: 482       RA: 409       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
C. Gómez.317
N. Jacobs.285
S. Peterson.281
J. Zhang.257
Team Leaders HR
G. Sanchez11
C. Gómez9
N. Jacobs7
J. Zhang6
3 tied with4
Team Leaders RBI
N. Jacobs56
C. Gómez53
S. Peterson38
P. Reyes34
G. Sanchez29
Team Leaders W
M. Rodríguez14
A. Phillips13
J. Zavala10
J. Martin8
B. Kelly5
Team Leaders ERA
A. Phillips2.10
J. Wood2.77
J. Zavala2.78
M. Rodríguez3.08
Team Leaders K
M. Rodríguez151
J. Wood110
J. Zavala107
A. Phillips75
J. Martin56
Who's Hot?
PJoseph Richardson3 SV, 0.96Last 15 games
1BGaby Sanchez.440, 2 HRLast 7 games
Who's Not?
Pitching Staff
StarterRJason Knapp000000.000.00Rested
StarterRClaudio Rivera000000.000.00Rested
StarterRShawn Foster000000.000.00Rested
StarterRSterling Jackson000000.000.00Rested
StarterRLuis Martínez000000.000.00Rested
Spot StarterLJoseph Richardson2200342.541.20Rested
Middle RelieverLVíctor Francisco000000.000.00Rested
Middle RelieverLJesus Martin20198703.391.32Rested
Middle RelieverRDavid Mendez2774103.031.22Rested
Setup RelieverLJoseph Richardson2200342.541.20Rested
Setup RelieverRJesús Carrasco400010.000.56Rested
CloserRJesús Altagracia000000.000.00Rested
11RJeffery JonesC401362111011428.154.179.235
6RJosé FernándezC00000000.000.000.000
31RGaby Sanchez1B63215581129292251.270.364.474
23RFelipe De La Cruz2B732486721526541.270.289.327
1LLouis Thomas3B505616068512.286.344.339
10SJuan Ramírez3B00000000.000.000.000
21LJorge Calderón1B766715182614.224.297.328
12RSteve Hill1B00000000.000.000.000
17RJosé Flores3B00000000.000.000.000
42LSteven MinorCF29852701413915.318.383.341
20RJing-xiang ZhangCF1144781236266531102.257.306.326
22LLeonard CoxCF00000000.000.000.000
29RLarry O'NealCF00000000.000.000.000
34LNorberto SorianoLF00000000.000.000.000
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RJing-xiang ZhangCF.25762650
2RFelipe De La Cruz2B.2702157
3LSteven MinorRF.31801411
4RGaby SanchezDH.27011291
5RSteve Hill1B.000000
6SJuan RamírezSS.000000
7RJosé Flores3B.000000
8LNorberto SorianoLF.000000
9RJosé FernándezC.000000
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1RJing-xiang ZhangCF.25762650
2LSteven MinorRF.31801411
3RGaby SanchezDH.27011291
4RSteve Hill1B.000000
5RFelipe De La Cruz2B.2702157
6SJuan RamírezSS.000000
7RJosé Flores3B.000000
8LNorberto SorianoLF.000000
9RJosé FernándezC.000000
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
P Cordell Marshalltorn abdominal muscle7 months15 day(s) left
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ScheduleSan Diego Padres
Division 1WLPCTGB
Attleboro Padres7149.592-
Gila Bend Diamondbacks7050.5831.0
Wisconsin Brewers6456.5337.0
Lakewood Phillies3981.32532.0
Team Information
Record overall71-49, .592 PCT
Position in Division1st, - GB
Record at home38-22, .633 PCT
Record on the road33-27, .550 PCT
Record in X-inning games6-6, .500 PCT
Record in one-run games25-19, .568 PCT
Record versus LHP19-16, .543 PCT
Record versus RHP52-33, .612 PCT
Record last 10 games3-7, .300 PCT
Record in April13-15, .464 PCT
Record in May22-7, .759 PCT
Record in June13-12, .520 PCT
Record in July21-8, .724 PCT
Record in August2-7, .222 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.265 - 7th in A2
On-Base Percentage.315 - 11th in A2
Slugging Percentage.361 - 8th in A2
On-Base + Slugging.676 - 9th in A2
Runs Scored482 - 11th in A2
Hits1120 - 6th in A2
Extra-Base Hits276 - 9th in A2
Home Runs57 - 5th in A2
Bases-On-Balls279 - 13th in A2
Strikeouts821 - tied for 7th in A2
Stolen Bases157 - 3rd in A2
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average2.79 - 1st in A2
Starters' ERA2.76 - 1st in A2
Bullpen ERA2.95 - 2nd in A2
Runs allowed409 - 2nd in A2
Hits allowed943 - 1st in A2
Opponents AVG.230 - 1st in A2
BABIP.274 - 1st in A2
Home Runs allowed42 - 1st in A2
Bases-On-Balls292 - 1st in A2
Strikeouts769 - 11th in A2

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