Name 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Mike Stanley $18.0m $18.0m(T)
Jeromy Burnitz $17.0m $16.0m $16.0m $16.0m $19.5m(P)
Brad Radke $6.0m $7.0m(A) $7.0m(A)
Bruce Chen $4.7m $4.7m $4.7m $7.0m(P)
Allen Watson $4.0m $4.0m
Kazuyoshi Tatsunami $3.5m
Brian Williams $3.5m
Jose Paniagua $1.8m
Woody Williams $1.6m
Mike Bordick $1.4m $1.4m(T)
Jose Canseco $1.4m
Jeff DaVanon $1.2m $1.9m(A) $1.9m(A) $1.9m(A)
Matt Williams $1.2m
Manny Ramirez $1.1m
Ryan Bowen $900k
Darron Cox $850k
Jay Payton $750k $850k(A) $850k(A) $850k(A)
Todd Zeile $750k
Bronson Arroyo $667k $750k(A) $750k(A) $750k(A)
Scott Sullivan $578k $683k(A) $683k(A)
Aaron Fultz $460k $550k(A) $550k(A) $550k(A)
A. J. Pierzynski $460k $2.8m(A) $2.8m(A) $2.8m(A)
Jimmy Anderson $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Grant Balfour $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Marlon Byrd $300k $300k $300k $300k $1.7m(A) $1.7m(A) $1.7m(A)
Stubby Clapp $300k $700k(A) $700k(A) $700k(A)
David DeJesus $300k $300k $300k $300k $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A)
Mark DeRosa $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Bobby Estalella $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Ramon J Hernandez $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Billy Koch $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Brad Lidge $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Rey Ordonez $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Brian Roberts $300k $300k $300k $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A)
Luis Rodriguez $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Mike Rose $300k $300k $300k $300k $600k(A) $600k(A) $600k(A)
Richie Sexson $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Brian Simmons $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Justin Speier $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Rob Stratton $300k $300k $6.0m(A) $6.0m(A) $6.0m(A)
Jeff Suppan $300k $2.8m $2.8m $2.8m $3.5m(P)
T. J. Tucker $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Wilton Veras $300k $300k $300k $300k $460k(A) $460k(A) $460k(A)
Kevin Witt $300k $300k $300k $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A)
TOTAL $78.6m $68.3m $50.8m $48.0m $41.8m $11.8m $7.1m
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